Defford - Croft Farm Airstrip Arrival Information - Strip Identification

SAFETYCOM RADIO is 135.480 Mhz from Jan 3rd 2019

Remember to make clear that the reference is to Defford.
Transmissions shoould be below 2000 ft above landing site and within 10 miles radius.

Arriving from the East

Fly along the North side of Bredon Hill. The River Avon loops round the west end of the hill and is crossed by the Bristol-Birmingham railway. This is your reference point.

Look along the railway to the right (northwest). Find a white building to the right of the road bridge over the railway. A lane runs from the left hand side of this bridge parallel to the railway for 300 yards and then crosses into Defford Village. Nearly at the far end there is a farm track on the left that leads to the threshold of 27 two fields away. There is a wind sock halfway down on the north side of the runway.

aerial view

Croft Farm Airstrip Arrival Information - Arriving from the North.

Fly towards the Western end of Bredon Hill. Look for the Railway line that runs on the east side of the disused airfield and crosses the River Avon under the western end of the Bredon Hill. To the right of the railway there is a disused airfield. Croft farm is South East of Defford Disused Airfield and level with Defford Village.

aerial view

Croft Farm Airstrip Arrival Information -Arriving from the South.

Fly toward Bredon Hill. Identify and follow the railway. After the railway has crossed the River Avon count two road bridges over the railway and Croft Farm is two fields west of the second bridge and the Village of Defford.

aerial view

Croft Farm Airstrip Arrival Information -Arriving from the West.

With Upton on Severn under your right wing fly east. Cross the M5 and look for the disused airfield and look for an industrial depot with storage tanks, this is just north of the runway extended centre line.

aerial view

Airfield Circuit

aerial map

This is a satellite picture of the local area with the circuit superimposed. Before arrival listen to Gloucestershire ATIS on 127.475 MHz. Add 1 Mbar to their QFE for Croft Farm.

Call inbound SAFETYCOM RADIO is 135.480 MHz. If no reply, look at the Wind Sock near the centre of the runway and join Downwind.

Hang Glider aero tows occasionally operate from the strip. Watch out for hang gliders circling to the North.

ALL CIRCUITS TO THE SOUTH at 1000 feet. Avoid Defford and Eckington Villages.

Make standard circuit radio calls.


At a safe height turn onto 120 degrees to avoid the village and improved forced landing opportunities: Head towards the tower on top of Bredon Hill.


If safe to do so fly a dog leg final on 300 degrees to avoid overflying Defford.

aerial view

Keep the prominent WHITE BUILDING next to the railway bridge just on your RIGHT.


REMEMBER THE LOW FLYING RULES. Croft Farm is NOT a licensed strip

Here is a link to a video of the circuit at The Croft Farm.

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